Qahtan Alameen

I was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts program in 1991 at the University of Baghdad, BFA and Diploma Graphic Design form Canada.

I do not search for the beauty It’s who uncovers itself for me I sense the different place in order to rephrase by my tools Does not oblige me to a particular individual or a style to restrict me, they are both mortgage to my mood. I am a lover to the brush, the lens, and the spacious wooden stage I am not crazy, but I have chosen to myself to be gone into contradictory Except I live in this crazy wilderness world I am the researcher, the questioner, and the changeable freeman The notary for his inner dialogue and his universes soliloquy You will listen to my voice and you will be alert to my paintings spacious gestures My space is filled with me, my horizon extends with me, I am the existent I call you: do you hear me?

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